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Recruit the professional installation team from Cherry City Interiors & Design to lay your new tile floors or wall décor.


Tile and stone installations can be very complex and labor intensive, requiring specialized tools and materials. Even if you hire a professional to complete your installation, it’s worth knowing what to expect during the process.

If you have old flooring, we may need to remove it and get the exposed surface ready for the installation of new tile. If your old floor was glued down or held in place with tile adhesive, this will be especially time-consuming. Our experienced installation specialists will know when the surface is ready for new flooring and will aid in the disposal of your old flooring.

All of your furniture must be moved out of the room where your new tile is to be installed. If you have heavy items that require special care, we may recommend that you hire professional movers and storage experts.

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The first step of the installation is the removal of your existing flooring. The next step is to ensure the subfloor is clean, flat, smooth, and ready for installation.

For non-concrete subflooring, we may install concrete backer boards before laying your tile. This process will involve cleaning, fixing any cracks, and letting any new concrete cure.

The next stage is the installation of the tile or stone. Our installers will cut or trim the tiles and spread mortar and grout as tiles are laid. Newly installed tile needs time to cure and solidify, and your lead installer may recommend that you allow at least 48 hours until the tiles can be walked upon.


Although the installation process can be noisy & a bit messy, the end result will be well worth it - a beautiful new floor that is yours to enjoy for many more years to come.

Check out our tile care & maintenance guide to learn how to properly clean and care for your new tile floors after installation!

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