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Beautify your home with new cabinets!

If you’ve never picked out new cabinetry, you may be surprised at the long list of considerations that need to be taken. What would you like to accomplish in your space? Do you need more storage? Improved workflow? An updated, more modern look?

Help us understand your unique goals so we can best help guide you through the design process and aid in your decision-making. We offer both custom & semi-custom cabinet options, and we’ll explain the differences between each type and help you determine which is best suited to your specific design.

Once we know your style & functionality needs, we’ll work within your budget to narrow down your decision. List out your most-desired features in priority order so that you can properly weigh the trade-offs of sacrificing one feature for another. If all this sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry! Our designers have many years of experience doing this sort of planning for our customers here in the Willamette Valley.

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We've made our home in Salem, Oregon, where we offer flooring and a full range of home design products & services.

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Apply for special financing options in-store or online. We want to give you more buying power to help your design vision come alive! Financing subject to approved credit.