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A beautiful flooring solution to transform your home & increase its resale value.

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With so many different options for wood species & color, how do you determine the best choice for your design? Look no further for answers than Cherry City Interiors & Design. Work one-on-one with an expert consultant from our team who can help you select from a variety of prefinished hardwood flooring styles. Read on for more information about hardwood to help guide your decision.


We offer prefinished hardwood floors, which are finished in the factory before you purchase & install them. These floors have many advantages over sand-in-place hardwood floors.

  • Choose from a greater variety of finish options
  • Installation can be done all at once, instead of in phases
  • No delay after installation - walk on your new floors immediately
  • No VOCs or other harmful chemicals get released in your home
  • Planks can be repaired individually if needed

You can still choose from both engineered or solid plank construction with pre-finished hardwood. Both types require the same type of routine maintenance, but there are some differences.

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Solid vs. Engineered Hardwood

Solid hardwood planks each consist of just one piece of solid wood. Because of this, solid hardwood floors tend to expand and contract at different times of the year depending on your home’s climate and humidity levels. These floors are typically nailed, stapled, or glued in place over a level subfloor, and they can be refinished several times as long as you maintain a wear layer.

Engineered hardwood planks, on the other hand, are constructed from several layers of plywood material. This makes them more dimensionally stable even with changes in climate, allowing you to install them more flexibly. For example, engineered hardwood floors can lay below grade in finished basements or above radiant heat. They can also be floated above your subfloor.

A third, lesser-known option is cork. Cork flooring has gained popularity recently because it’s made from a more sustainable material. It’s a durable material, but softer than other hardwoods. This means that it’s a better insulator for noise & temperature, but also makes it more susceptible to denting without proper care.

Each type of flooring serves a particular purpose in the home, and your Cherry City Interiors consultant can help you decide which type of hardwood best suits your needs.

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Hardwood floors can last for decades and may only need to be refinished every few years if you take the time to care for and maintain them properly. Using the correct cleaning products can also extend the lifespan of your hardwood floors and your investment. Find out how to gently clean your hardwood floors using our easy to follow care and maintenance guide.


Leave the hard work to our professionals! Allow us to transform your space into a masterpiece using cutting-edge installation techniques. We offer hardwood installation for pre-finished, engineered, below-grade, exotic, and plank floors. We can also create specialty dance, aerobic & athletic floors. If you’re curious, ask us about additional features such as soundproofing systems & custom inlays. Find out more about our installation process and how you can prepare for your new hardwood floors.

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