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Mohawk Rare Vintage Fawn Chestnut CDL74W-01W

Rare Vintage

Fawn Chestnut

  • 9
  • Colors Available
Mohawk Rare Vintage Ashlar Oak CDL74W-09W
Ashlar Oak
Mohawk Rare Vintage Doeskin Chestnut CDL74W-08W
Doeskin Chestnut
Mohawk Rare Vintage Silverstone Chestnut CDL74W-07W
Silverstone Chestnut
Mohawk Rare Vintage Driftwood Oak CDL74W-06W
Driftwood Oak
Mohawk Rare Vintage Sandcastle Oak CDL74W-05W
Sandcastle Oak
Mohawk Rare Vintage Earthen Chestnut CDL74W-04W
Earthen Chestnut
Mohawk Rare Vintage Knotted Chestnut CDL74W-03W
Knotted Chestnut
Mohawk Rare Vintage Cedar Chestnut CDL74W-02W
Cedar Chestnut
Mohawk Rare Vintage Fawn Chestnut CDL74W-01W
Fawn Chestnut

Product Attributes

Collection Rare Vintage
Color Fawn Chestnut
Shade Medium
Species Chestnut
Surface Type Texture
Surface Texture Embossed
Edge Milled Hydroseal
Application Residential
Width 7 1/2"
Length 54.34 Inches
Thickness 12 mm
Location All Grades
Look Wood
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